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Галлавич 7x10

Ian & Mickey 710.3

"You're under my skin, man. What the fuck can I do?"

Ian & Mickey 710.5 | Gallavich reunited [R]

"I knew you'd come, come here."

Ian x Mickey | Gallavich | Shameless US | All Kisses in order | S3-S9

First: 3x05 at 49:42 Second: 3x11 at 31:33 Third: 4x08 at 37:55 Fourth: 4x11 at 46:43 Fifth: 5x01 at 9:50 Sixth: 5x08 at 49:33 ...

Ian and Mickey Reunite in Jail || 9x06 || Ian and Mickey's FINAL Scene || Shameless US

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Йен и Микки 7*11

Сериал Shameless (Бесстыжие)

Gallavich Fans React to 7x10

SHAMELESS - Gallavich Fan Reactions to S07E10 Shameless Season 7 Episode 10 Gallavich fans react season 7 episode 10.

Ian & Mickey | But I miss you (7x10)

NOTE: Turns out I totally cut the song crappy at the beginning, but please ignore that. OMG. NEW OTP ALERT!!! Well, besides ...